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EPA is striving to online loans the burden on all respondents, including small entities, as much as possible by developing the reporting application and database to be user-friendly and dynamic, consisting of straightforward questions that are to include fill-in-the-blank (numbers) fields, check boxes, and drop down menus.

Online loans addition, the Agency is considering the development of compliance guides tailored to small entities that will be required to comply with the reporting requirements.

EPA requests public comment on what kinds of information would be particularly important to address for small entities in such compliance guides.

Under TSCA section 26(d), EPA also provides specialized assistance to respondents, particularly to small entities, including technical and other non-financial assistance to manufacturers and processors of chemical substances. EPA's TSCA Hotline assists small businesses complying with TSCA rules and provides various materials online loans as copies of Federal Register notices, advisories, and other information upon request. EPA interprets the core elements to be covered in the mercury inventory to be the amount of mercury used in the activities within the mercury market described in Unit III.

EPA also determined that, for certain elements, requiring reporting of more specific information would help to better contextualize online loans quantities of mercury used in domestic and, where appropriate, global supply, use, and trade. The proposed general, specific, and contextual reporting requirements are described in this section. The Agency is proposing that accounting for such activities is necessary to fulfill statutory mandates at TSCA sections 8(b)(10)(B) and (C).

Therefore, for persons required to report (as described in Unit III. Importers of mercury: Amount of mercury imported per year (lbs. Manufacturers (other than importers) of mercury: Amount of mercury manufactured (other than imported) per year (lbs. Importers of any mercury-added product other than a product that contains a component that is a mercury-added product (NOTE-see Unit III. Manufacturers (other than importers) of any mercury-added product other than a product that contains a component that is a mercury-added product (NOTE-see Unit III.

Persons who intentionally use mercury in manufacturing processes, other than the manufacture of a mercury compound or a mercury-added product: Amount of mercury used in a manufacturing process per year (lbs.

EPA understands that certain persons may report for multiple activities associated with supply, use, and trade of mercury.

For example, a person may import mercury and manufacture mercury-added products. The Agency expects there may be certain persons engaged in the supply, use, and trade of mercury who might not be accounted for in the inventory, but EPA views this omission of prospective reporters as an opportunity to limit undue burden and avoid double-counting.

Thus, the Agency is proposing to limit the persons who must report at TSCA section 8(b)(10)(D)(i) to only those persons described in Unit III. However, EPA requests comment on whether the proposed reporting requirements should apply to persons who do not manufacture or import mercury or mercury-added products, or otherwise intentionally use mercury in a manufacturing process, but engage in the supply, use, and trade of mercury in the United States.

Persons required to report would provide the total amount of mercury used during the reporting year in pounds for general reporting activities associated with supply, use, and trade, rather than per category and subcategory.

EPA based this decision on issues concerning burden and confidential business information online payday loans that could be created by reporting quantitative information for increasingly specific categories and subcategories.

Nonetheless, EPA requests comment on whether quantitative information should be required for such specific reporting categories and subcategories, as well as on the reporting categories and subcategories. Based on the current knowledge of mercury-added products available in the marketplace, including skin products manufactured abroad and sold illegally in the United States (Ref.

Intentional mercury use in manufacturing processes.

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