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This review mentioned that there are large vertical blooming during bright highlights but I'm wondering if the "active LED" settings (low, high or off) did anything to minimize or get rid of the issue. Payday loans no credit check since the TV has a very good native contrast ratio as you mentioned, can I payday loans no credit check active LED low or even off and still maintain good black levels. Also, is the blooming apparent in HDR mode or just standard viewing.

I will be watching mostly non HDR stuff anyways. The KS9000 has very deep blacks and high native contrast ratio without the use of local dimming so don't worry about turning that feature off. Local dimming set to 'High' produce more blooming. This stays true no matter if the content nature is HDR or not. For the TV to achieve very high brightness, local dimming has to be set to 'High'. Try to use 'Low' for non HDR content and 'Medium' or 'High' for when watching HDR.

Local dimming set to off is just as good for most content though so it really comes to personal preferences. May 03, 2016 Report Error First and most important,thanks for all the hard and honest work that goes into each and every review.

I am always highly influenced by your reviews and informative articles. I would also like to online loans ask,if there are any plans to review the Hisense 55H9B2 and 65H10B2, anytime soon. These TV sets were released late 2015 early 2016.

This probably makes them 2016 contenders. They are also competitively priced for all they have to offer. They already have great customer reviews. I would just prefer an honest and unbiased detailed review that RTINGS provides. May 11, 2016 Report Error I've read that Samsung moved the LED's this year to the top and bottom of the screen on their edge-lit TV's (KS9000) in order to get the 1000 nits required for the HDR standard.

Does this cause all the lights to be seen when watching content with black bars at the top and bottom like a wide screen movie (2. Yes, the vertical blooming is visible in the black bars when local dimming is enabled, but it is usually not distracting.

Jun 02, 2016 Report Error Hello, I am looking to go with a 65 inch TV to replace my 2005 Pioneer Elite Plasma 50 inch. It has a very good picture and I am wondering how the 65KS9000 might compare. Thanks, Jeff The KS9000 has excellent picture quality, including HDR.

It will be an overall improvement, however as it uses a different technology (LED vs Plasma) you may notice slightly lower uniformity and viewing angle. Jun 01, 2016 Report Error I thought I'd let your readers know: the One Connect cable that comes with the KS series is actually 6 feet, not 9 feet as specified in the Samsung literature. I called Samsung and mentioned the discrepancy and they sent me a 9 foot One Connect cable as a replacement.

We just measured the One Connect cable we got with the KS9000 and it is just short of 6'4". Same length as the cable we got with the KS8000. Thank you for letting us know. May 02, 2016 Report Error I've noticed the 2016 LCD televisions are getting a 10 for black uniformity when there's obvious blotchiness in the photo. Shouldn't a 10 be reserved for OLED televisions like it use to be for plasmas.

Yes, this is a current flaw in our testing (basically, the way we currently calculate standard deviation picks up some noise on the OLED).

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